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You’ve Run That
Building Long Enough

Life’s Too Short For

Tenants  Leaky Toilets  Vacancies
Rent Control  City Inspections
Repairs  Covid Restrictions

But Don’t Overlook This one Thing Before You Sell

Capital gains taxes in California can run you between 38% and 45% when you sell your building!
You need a tax strategy to keep your cash and not write a big ole check to Uncle Sam.

Here’s How We Are Different

We are brokers and tax strategists

We’ve been helping clients buy & sell investment real estate for over 37 years in Los Angeles. We know investment real estate!

We are also tax strategists. We have tax strategies for our sellers so they don’t have to write a big ole capital gains check to Uncle Sam when they sell

Our tax planning partners will prepare a detailed Pre-Sale Tax Analysis before you sell with 2 tax deferral strategies that you can share with your CPA so they can advise you which one makes the best sense for your situation.

Here’s How To Get Started.

Schedule a call with Derrick.

Send him your building’s rent roll.

You’ll receive a valuation for your building and a free customized Pre-Sale Tax Analysis from our tax partners with 2 tax deferral options that you can share with your CPA.

Derrick has been helping clients for 37 years! He is expert at dealing with difficult transactions including trust sales, probate sales, family issues, and working with heirs on inherited selling properties.

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It’s Not About Real Estate, It’s About You.

Derrick, I appreciate you helping me geIng rid of my building in Mar Vista. I can’t believe you got the squatter out so fast. And I am very happy with the DST tax deferred exchange. I deferred my taxes and I am now receiving more than twice the income that I was previously geIng from that old duplex Thank you. Pat I – Camarillo Ca

Derrick thank you so much for selling my Monrovia 4plex in just 2 days for full price. I honestly did not think you could get me that much. And of course, thank you for sending me the tax deferral info, it came in so handy at tax time. My CPA was very impressed and will be referring you clients! Colleen C – Venice Ca

I was at my wits end with the 4plex you sold for me. Between the repairs, crazy tenants, and the city on my back, I needed out. Thank you for geIng it sold quickly. And thank you for the Tax Teams help. I ended up deferring my taxes and I am so happy to be an ex-landlord! David P – Studio City Ca

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    You are a Winner!

    You finally sold that building!
    No more cranky tenants or late rents.
    No more headaches or late night phone calls
    No more responsibilities & importantly
    you did not write a big ole check to Uncle Sam for capital gains taxes

    You won the real estate game!

    Now it’s time to enjoy life!